Is this your first time? Now is the perfect time to try!  Come and meet our experienced guides who will familiarize you with dog sledding. After a specialized training session, you will be assigned to a team for your tour on the frozen lake.  


Duration:  30-40 minutes, including a 10-20 minutes ride around the lake (2 km)

Land type : Flat

Difficulty : Easy (Perfect for a first time with young kids)


Initiation:  $60.00 per adult / $40.00 per child (11 years and under)



Beginner or expert, we have the trails for you!  Drive your own sled with a passenger !  A unique experience that will have you travelling through the trails especially groomed for dog sledding.  Many surprises await you on this adventure with spectacular views!  You won't want to forget your camera!



You are an avid musher?  Have fun perfecting your skills while you enjoy the magnificent landscape of the valley surrounding Morency lake.  A real thrill! 

Duration : 1h30 including a 1hour ride in the forest

Land type : In the mountain

Difficulty : Medium

$170.00 per adult /  $115.00 per child (7 to 11 years old)

We can provide warm weather gear (coat, pants, boots, gloves)

*Pregnant women are forbidden in the woods


You want to experience dogsledding to its fullest?  Totally immerse yourself in the wonderful world of dogsledding with this unique package designed to do just that!


  • Arrival at the office for 10h00, suit up in full arctic weather gear

  • Meet up with your guide on the lake for mushing instructions and an initiation tour

  • Departure for the mushers mountain camp where the kennel is situated

  • Enjoy lunch with your musher in a rustic cabin

  • Set out on the trails towards Beaver Lake

  • Return to base camp around 16h00

  • You may now congratulate your team and take pictures with them. 


Duration:  approximately 6 hours

Land type : In the mountain

Difficulty : Extreme

$436.00 per person ***


​**Participants must be aged 11 years and older